2a. Training Pathway

Training pathway

Candidates must complete a minimum of 60 CE points comprising the following:


Face-to-Face Training
e.g. Training courses, Masterclasses, Workshops:

A minimum of 30 CE points should come from face to face Training. Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, we currently allow these 30 CE Points to be obtained through online training.

Attending Association Conferences
e.g. In-person attendance at Conferences, Annual Meetings of ATTP Member Associations, Regional AUTM Meetings. Attendance at conferences is encouraged but it is recognised that this is difficult during the pandemic. A maximum of 30 points( out of the 60) may be obtained from conference attendance.

Live Online / Hybrid Training
e.g. Webinars*, Online panel discussions, Live online courses with trainer(s), Pre-recorded training sessions with subsequent live online or face-to-face discussions of key concepts.*Pre-recorded training and non-participatory webinars are not approved activities. There is currently no limit to the number of CE points obtained online.