Candidate RTTP

What is Candidate RTTP?

Candidate RTTP is a new designation that allows entrants to the profession to signal that they have committed to a pathway of training and development leading to the award of full RTTP status. It indicates to employers that they are serious about their career and aspire to meet the highest standards. They may use the designation ‘Candidate RTTP’ after their name.

It is normally expected that Candidate RTTP designation will be sought approximately 6 months into their post (typically at the halfway point of a probation period) by which time the Candidate and their manager will be able to judge their suitability and commitment to the Pathway.

As with the full RTTP designation, there are three requirements: KE/KT/TT experience, KE/KT/TT skills, and KE/KT/TT achievement.

All three requirements can be demonstrated by completing the application forms.

Candidate RTTP requirements

KE/KT/TT experience

The Candidate is working in a KE/KT/TT role and is a member of one of the ATTP Alliance Associations.

KE/KT/TT key skills

The Candidate is committed to skills development through training or working with a mentor.

KE/KT/TT achievement

The Candidate has developed a Career Aspiration Plan.

The three requirements above are demonstrated through a brief, signed statement by your line Manager or Director attesting that the documents uploaded accurately reflect your role.

The role of the supervisor, line manager or service director

The Candidate’s supervisor, line manager, or service director has an important role in supporting the Candidate to achieve RTTP.

In order to register for candidate RTTP status, the Candidate is required to prepare a Career Aspiration Plan that describes how they hope to see their career develop and setting out the training/experiences/mentoring that will help them to meet these aspirations. This must be prepared either with the support of the Director, or a supervisor/line manager approved by the Director.

The Online Registration form contains 2 main sections:

Career Aspiration Plan

Developed by the Candidate and their supervisor/ line manager containing the following sections:

  • Current situation and experience of the candidate
  • Planned career path of the candidate
  • Training/development required by the candidate to achieve their career aspirations including any courses accredited by ATTP and/or
  • Mentoring required/mentor identified to support the Candidate to achieve their career aspiration

Director’s Confirmation

Through a brief, signed statement by your Line Manager or Director attesting that:

  • The documents uploaded accurately reflect the Candidates’ KE/KT/TT roles.
  • The Line Manager or Director supports the Candidate efforts to attain RTTP status through mentoring and/or skills development designed to meet their career aspirations.
  • The Candidate has developed a Career Aspiration Plan in consultation with their Line Manage/Supervisor.


Forms will be checked by the National Associations to ensure that all elements of the online process have been correctly followed and in particular that the relevant Director has approved the application.

The National Association will then submit the returns to ATTP who will register the Candidate and send a letter/ email recognising that the Candidate is now on the Pathway.