Achievement Overview

What is the achievement requirement?

You must be able to demonstrate that you have applied your knowledge and skills to lead a complex knowledge exchange or technology transfer project.

1000 word Achievement Overview endorsed by your manager and submitted for assessment by your peers.

Form of Endorsement

The endorsement must at least state: “I confirm that the above Achievement Overview is a true and accurate reflection of [insert candidate RTTP name]’s personal Achievements and endorse [insert candidate RTTP name]’s application for RTTP status.”

As the RTTP credential is awarded to individuals (as opposed to teams), it is essential that the Achievement Overview describe your role in one of the following activities:

  • Complex and significant collaboration/ strategic partnership, which would not have happened without your input and which met the intended goals of the parties
  • Complex and significant commercial deal which would not have happened without your input (e.g. licensing; substantial consultancy/ contract research arrangement(s); the creation of a spin-out company which you actively led through its pre-investment phase and that subsequently raised external funding, made an impact in its market or generated value for its shareholders
  • Significant knowledge transfer initiative which would not have happened without your input and that resulted in new capacity, structures, funding, incentives or other developments that enabled demonstrable knowledge transfer/ knowledge exchange outcomes
  • Demonstrated leadership in knowledge exchange, knowledge transfer or technology transfer industry over a number of years, that has delivered significant outcomes due to the specialist knowledge, skills and experience provided by your leadership and promoted the global standards in knowledge and technology transfer.

For Senior Executive Leaders who have played an integral role in Knowledge and Technology Transfer Sector.

Describing Your Core Competencies
RTTP applicants should describe their skills and achievements relevant to these six core competencies. These competencies are recognised as common across the world and have been developed to fit with existing national frameworks in several key countries.