Technology Transfer

What is technology transfer?

Universities, hospitals, technology institutes and research laboratories conduct research leading to groundbreaking and disruptive inventions – knowledge and ideas that can save lives and improve the way we live, work, and play on a daily basis.

None of this would happen without knowledge and technology transfer professionals.

Knowledge and Technology Transfer professionals make change happen. They are leaders in the complex process of productively working between the research base and business and community organizations. They drive the exchange of valuable discoveries, knowledge and ideas so that they can be developed and used in society.

The ATTP affiliated Associations from around the World have adopted a single, agreed definition of technology transfer (also known as Knowledge Exchange or Knowledge Transfer).

TT/KT/KE is a collaborative, creative endeavour that translates knowledge and research into impact in society and the economy.

This definition combines three elements that form the essential process for effective transfer or exchange of knowledge or technology:

  • using skill and creativity to collaborate with partners
  • effectively translating and mobilising output from knowledge generators
  • leading to benefits and impact

Read the full definition, the list of the varied roles of KE/KT/KE professionals and the rationale for attempting to define the profession below.