A Global Definition of TT/KE/KT


The ATTP affiliated Associations from around the World have adopted a single, agreed definition of technology transfer (also known as Knowledge Transfer or Knowledge Exchange). The agreed definition is:

TT/KT/KE* is a collaborative, creative endeavour that translates knowledge and research into impact in society and the economy

*use as relevant to the country

This definition combines three elements that form the essential process for effective transfer or exchange of knowledge or technology:

  • using skill and creativity to collaborate with partners
  • effectively translating and mobilising output from knowledge generators
  • leading to benefits and impact

We recognise that individual countries may want to stretch some of the descriptors while retaining that basic three-part structure. This is allowed within the definition. For example, a country may want to add something to section B) to describe the types of knowledge generators e.g. industry and universities; another country may want to add something to section C) to describe different types of benefit e.g. impact in society, the economy AND the environment or culture, or to add beneficiaries e.g. students, patients, people etc.